Gadar 2 Director Discuss how Jawan affect Gadar 2 success

The film Jawan had a huge debut on September 7, 2023. Just as with Pathaan, fans are anticipating this movie to smash records. Bigg Boss 17 However, Anil Sharma’s Gadar 2 is currently flying high since it has already crossed the ₹500 crore threshold.

Was Jawan going to have a greater effect on Gadar 2’s success than that, according to director Anil Sharma?

“If you see how Gadar 2 has performed, 65% of its revenue has come from single-screen theatres, from the rural areas, and now Jawan is going to do the same,” he remarked in an interview with The Indian Express, which Pinkvilla noted. It’s a film that is 100% seeti-taaliyaan (claps and whistles).

He went on to say, “Jawan is going to receive the same level of affection, if not more, from the fans, just like Gadar 2 did. People will enjoy their movie-watching experience to the fullest. They’ll clap, dance, and whistle. The people are interested in watching expensive films, tamasha dekhna hai. If not, they’re just lounging at home by themselves and watching films. These films provide the communal experiences that people are longing for. The industry will only gain from having Jawan. These films are significant.

Anil Sharma acknowledged that he adores Shahrukh Khan. As a sign of his passion, he added that he also hoped to see the movie on opening day.

“The audience will enjoy both films equally,” he revealed. You see, I adore Shah Rukh Khan. When the movie’s trailer debuted, bohot buraai huiee appeared. I thought Pathaan was going to be a huge hit when I saw the trailer. People had said, “Kharaab trailer hai bohot.”

I really enjoyed the movie Pathaan after watching the amazing trailer, and now that I’ve seen how amazing the Jawan trailer is, I’m eager to see the movie as well. I’m not sure what the critics will have to say about the movie, but I think it will be a huge hit. Particularly the language, dance, and music in Baazi are appealing and seem well-liked. As a huge admirer of SRK, I plan to see the film. The film Badi Acchhi Lag Raha Hai appears to be excellent. I’ll watch it that very first day.

Based on the life of a man who is determined to right the wrongs in society, Jawan is a powerful movie. Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupati, Sanya Malhotra, Deepika Padukone, Ridhi Dogra, Sunil Grover, Priyamani, and more celebrities star in the movie alongside SRK.

After a record-breaking debut at the box office with his most recent film, Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan is back on large screens with a boom. The project broke all prior opening day collecting records in history and marked Tamil filmmaker Atlee’s Bollywood debut. For those who don’t know, Shah Rukh Khan made his screen debut in a dual part in Jawan, which is currently tipped to be one of his greatest hits to date.

Prashant Walde, who has been Shah Rukh Khan’s body double for the past 17 years, talked candidly about how they shot the popular actor’s many personas for Atlee’s film in a recent interview with Aajtak. Additionally, he posted a fascinating BTS video on his official Instagram account, which was taken from Jawan’s sets.

Double body Prashant Walde discusses Jawan’s dual role for Shah Rukh Khan.
The mass actioner’s body double shared some fascinating anecdotes from the film’s production regarding Shah Rukh Khan’s dual part as Vikram Rathore and his son Azad Rathore. “In a scene in the movie, Shah Rukh is giving his father-like character a hug. This was when a rather fascinating incident during the production occurred. I was the old Shah Rukh when he was in his younger outfit. MX Player In contrast, I had to adopt the youthful appearance when he grew older,” Prashant Walde reminisced in an interview with Aajtak.

“The camera can only be used for his close-up. Because Shah Rukh Khan had a very diverse appearance in this movie, we had to get ready every day. “We shot just two looks in a single day,” the body double continued.



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