Gautam Gambhir claims that the PR firm and media only pay attention to certain cricket players

Due to his “middle finger” gesture during the Asia Cup 2023 match, Gautam Gambhir has been in the news recently.

Recently, Gautam Gambhir discussed the team mentality and monopoly in Indian cricket in an interview that has gone viral. He remarks without holding back that our nation is more concerned with the individual than the team.

He said that our nation values individuals more than teams—broadcasters, media, etc.—and treats them all with respect. Thus, Indian cricket has evolved into a public relations firm. Bigg Boss 17

He claims that the PR firm and media only pay attention to certain cricket players and ignore the efforts of other team members who are performing just as well. He poked fun at MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, and Virat Kohli with this. According to him, our media exclusively focuses on two or three cricket players and doesn’t give credit to any other players.

He thinks that the only reason our Indian cricket team hasn’t won an ICC tournament is because of an individual fixation rather than a lack of team spirit.

Gautam Gambhir’s middle finger scandal:

On September 2, during the India vs. Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 match in Sri Lanka, Gautam was hurried to the pavilion due to the rain. It seems that some Virat Kohli supporters began praising him by calling him “Kohli Kohli” in front of Gautam Gambhir, which set him off.

Gautam Gambhir allegedly gave the middle finger to supporters who were applauding such phrases out of fury. The media took notice of Gautam Gambhir’s response. The cricket player has since provided an explanation, claiming that he was giving the middle finger to Pakistani supporters who were yelling anti-Indian sentiments.

The Indian Premier League (IPL), regarded as the world’s most profitable Twenty20 competition, has been changing cricket players’ lives for a number of years. It has supported young players monetarily since its founding in 2008 in addition to giving them a stage on which to display their abilities. Not every professional player who participates in the sport is given the chance to represent their nation. However, an IPL contract improves their quality of life and sustains their drive.

Gautam Gambhir, a former opener for India and two-time IPL champion, agrees that the IPL has altered Indian cricket over the past 16 years. According to Gambhir, unlike politicians or actors, a cricket player’s career is age-limited in an interview with News18.

“Unlike politicians who labor until they are 80 years old or actors, a cricket player’s career lasts until they are 35 or 36 years old at the most. There are hundreds of participants in the sport, but only about 15 men play for India at the age of 35. Since they have to support their families, they also desire financial stability. They have such backing from the IPL, Gambhir told News18.

It’s common knowledge that Team India’s overall performance is impacted by the two-month IPL schedule. In response to this critical viewpoint, MX Player Gambhir stated that our nation is fixated on individuals rather than teams. The former cricket player went on to criticize the broadcasters, saying they had become little more than PR machines.

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We are an individual-obsessed nation rather than a team-obsessed one. This is one of the few places where a player is valued more than the team, unlike in England, Australia, or New Zealand. In the end, and regrettably, Indian cricket has become a PR agency for all these parties involved, including broadcasters and the media. Broadcasters are no longer with them.

“You will always be an underappreciated cricket player if people don’t recognize your performance. And because of our obsession with individuals, that’s the reason we haven’t won an ICC trophy in ten years,” he continued.

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