Here is a list of best Crime Thrillers series on Netflix

There is something for every aficionado of the genre, from compelling stories of organized crime to investigations that will blow your mind. Prepare your popcorn and join us as we examine the top crime thrillers on Netflix that will fulfill your desire for mystery and excitement.

This is our selection of the Top Netflix Crime Thrillers:

6 Below Ground

6 Underground, which stars Ryan Reynolds, one of the greatest Canadian performers of all time, is ranked #1 due to its plot, stunning photography, and stellar ensemble of actors. Bigg Boss 17 You are transported to the backstreets of the made-up Central Asian nation of “Turgistan,” where an American businessman stages his own demise in order to defeat terrorists and criminals. You’ll thank us later if you put this on your list of Weekend Binge Watches.

Mental Hunter:

Mindhunter is a series you should not miss if you are fascinated by serial killers and criminal psychology. The drama, which is set in the late 1970s, centers on two FBI agents who investigate the thoughts and actions of infamous murders. Mindhunter will transport you to a terrifying realm of psychological suspense with its gripping atmosphere and outstanding acting.


With Narcos, get ready to be taken to the exciting and perilous world of drug cartels. This compelling series follows the ascent and descent of legendary drug lords, with a primary focus on Pablo Escobar. Narcos is an unapologetic examination of the drug trade and its effects on society through its realistic writing, tremendous action, and a nuanced cast of people.

The story of financial planner Marty Byrde, who must move his family to the Ozarks after a money-laundering scheme goes awry, is told in the gritty and grim crime thriller Ozark. In order to keep his loved ones safe, Marty has to make increasingly risky decisions as he makes his way through the hazardous world of drug cartels, money laundering, and power battles. Ozark’s suspenseful story, outstanding acting, and compelling premise will have you wanting more.

Glaucous Blinders:

With Peaky Blinders, enter the eerie post-World War I Birmingham. The Peaky Blinders, an infamous criminal group led by the Shelby family, is the focus of this chic period crime drama. Peaky Blinders tells an engrossing story of ambition, power, and loyalty with its complex plot, engaging characters, and breathtaking cinematography.

The Offender:

An intriguing anthology series called Sinner delves into the murky corners of the human psyche. Every season centers on a distinct crime perpetrated by a person for mysterious reasons. Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) discovers startling truths and inner issues as he works to piece together the reason behind these seemingly mindless acts. A gripping and thought-provoking series, The Sinner will have you wondering right up until the very end.

At the Pera Palace at midnight:

In the gripping crime thriller Midnight at the Pera Palace, which takes place in 1920s Istanbul, go back in time. This series, which draws inspiration from real-life incidents, chronicles the enigmatic journey of a young Turkish detective who gets caught up in a web of murder, political intrigue, and espionage. A fascinating and engrossing viewing experience is provided by Midnight at the Pera Palace’s dramatic setting, complex story twists, and rich historical context.

Florida Guy:

The tense and darkly hilarious criminal series Florida Man draws its inspiration from the notorious headlines linked to the “Florida Man” phenomenon. Every episode is a fresh criminal narrative that highlights the strange and absurd behavior of people living in the Sunshine State. MX Player Florida Man delivers a novel perspective on the genre that will keep you interested and engaged with its distinct blend of humor and crime.

Via the Cold, in:

From the Cold, which is set against the turbulent backdrop of the Cold War, follows a former KGB agent as he must make his way through a perilous labyrinth of political intrigue, double-crossing, and espionage. This compelling series explores the personal sacrifices made in the name of justice as well as the moral difficulties of the spy world. You won’t want to put In From the Cold Down because of its gripping story, excellent acting, and moody atmosphere.

The charming and perceptive thief Assane Diop is the focal point of the French crime thriller series Lupin Lupin. With a nod to the legendary gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, Assane sets out to get retribution while deceiving the authorities. With its deft heists, compelling narrative, and endearing lead performance by Omar Sy, Lupin presents a novel and contemporary interpretation of the genre.

Inside Man is a compelling Netflix television series starring a talented ensemble that includes Stanley Tucci and David Tennant. The narrative centers on Harry Watling, a clergyman who has a typical life, and Jefferson Grieff, a wicked genius who is about to be executed for the death of his wife. As the worlds of the two people meet and morality becomes more hazy, Moffat’s narrative grips readers. The story gains complexity and intrigue via Tucci’s endearing portrayal of Grieff and Tennant’s riveting performance as Watling. The crime thriller Inside Man is a must-watch that will leave you wanting more.

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