Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 13 All Latest Updates

After eleven great seasons, one of the most popular reality shows on television is Khatron Ke Khiladi. The competitors are a group of well-known people from Bollywood, OTT, and television who unite to confront their anxieties. When it comes to TRPs, Bigg Boss 17 the previous season was a huge success. It became the most popular reality show on TV.

The audience has responded favorably to this season of the show since its premiere. Every competitor is giving it their all this time, giving the stunts their all. The show’s filming has started, and the competitors will be performing feats and facing their anxieties. The contenders have arrived in South Africa.

Contestants include Dino James, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Aishwarya Sharma, Nyrraa M Banerji, Arjit Taneja, Sheezan Khan, Rohit Roy, Shiv Thakare, Anjali Anand, Anjum Fakih, Daisy Shah, and Archana Gautam.

In the last episode, we witnessed Daisy Shah’s wild card entry into the competition and how Dino selected her name to do the elimination stunt alongside Archana Gautam. Abdu Rozik will now be on the show as a wild card contestant in the next episode, and he will be flawless in every stunt on the show. Alongside Abdu, Rohit Shetty is seen interviewing potential competitors in the latest teaser.

Abdu told Shiv that he should be rejected from the auditions because he was his older brother and that it would be nepotism if they chose him. In the last episode, we witnessed Daisy Shah’s wild card entry into the competition and Dino’s selection of her name to perform the elimination stunt alongside Archana Gautam.

Rohit Shetty turned down Shiv’s auditions because of this. All in all, though, it was hilarious and enjoyable, leaving everyone speechless. It’s evident from the BTS photos and videos that the competitors have posted that they get along well with one another. We have now discovered a video where Nyrraa M. Banerji teased us with a peek at her breakfast.

She is seen eating breakfast and enjoying fun with Sheezan and Anjali in the video. Along with baked beans, scrambled eggs, and bread and jam, an ordered milkshake is also on the menu. The competitors are eating healthily since they need to be in shape for the stunts they will be executing soon under Rohit Shetty’s direction. The show is scheduled to premiere in July, and the stunts will be far more difficult than before.

The candidates have reportedly moved into the jungle, where they will reside and carry out the stunts. Yesterday, Rohit Shetty arrived in South Africa, where he will film the show’s trailer today. He will meet the competitors later and help them with their duties. MX Player The assignments are going to be more daring this time around.

Watchers have been excited about Sony Entertainment Television’s newest romantic drama, “Barsatein – Mausam Pyaar Ka,” ever since they saw it for the first time. This romantic drama, which takes place in a newsroom, centers on the conflict between two strong-willed characters, Aradhana (Sivangi Joshi) and Reyansh (Kushal Tandon), who become entangled in a complicated web of emotions.

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