Netizens slam Priyanka Chopra for being SRK and Akshay Kumar’s other spouse.

Since Priyanka Chopra is well-known in both Hollywood and Bollywood, no introduction is necessary. Living the happiest part of her life with her husband and their gorgeous baby, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, PeeCee is married to American pop sensation Nick Jonas. Although the actress avoids controversy these days, her reported affairs and private love life used to be the talk of the town.

When Priyanka Chopra discussed cheating:

We recently came into possession of a vintage video featuring Priyanka Chopra discussing infidelity. It so happened that PeeCee was questioned about the challenges she had while playing the role of “Kashibai” during one of the Bajirao Mastani promotional events. Speaking on the same subject, the actress said that even if her spouse is having an extramarital affair, she does not love him with the same generosity as “Kashi.” Says she:

“It’s difficult to believe that Kashi’s parents are still alive and well even though they passed away a long time ago. But if shayad is the way to go, then utni big-heartedness isn’t it? Hun ki aurat hoon aaj. When my hubby and I part ways, it’s always goodbye and see you later. Many thanks for it. Enjoy your life.

Internet users criticize Priyanka Chopra for being SRK and Akshay Kumar’s other spouse.

But as soon as the actress’s video became viral online, people began criticizing her for being a hypocrite. The old video has irritated internet users, who have responded fiercely to it. In addition, some social media users made fun of Priyanka for constantly being the “other woman” in her previous relationships by pointing out that she had affairs with Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar, two actors who were previously married.

One commenter wrote in response to the old video, “Just call her narcissistic and be done na.” You are not this hypocrite, pick me. She’ll take on whichever label best fits her.” Another commenter, however, emphasized how Priyanka destroyed Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s marriage, saying, “She played Gauri‚Äôs role very well in Bajirao Mastani.” Not only that, but a third internet user poked fun at PC’s divisive words by saying:

“She never follows through on her promises. She actually stated in a different interview that she would give her partner another chance if he cheated on her because she believes in forgiveness and that people can change their minds, but now she’s making fun of Gauri.”

Priyanka Chopra’s relationship with Shah Rukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor.

One of the saddest love tales in B-Town is still the one involving Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. As soon as the couple started dating, rumors about their affair became viral throughout the business. Even after their split, PeeCee and Shahid were in the news. The two, though, never responded to the persistent rumors of their romance. Later on, Priyanka and Shah Rukh Khan were connected because it was rumored that she fell in love with him. But Gauri Khan, SRK’s wife, stepped in and requested Karan Johar to assist.

These days, B-town festivities encompass far more than simply glitz and style. Netizens now anticipate seeing who is attending the event and with whom, rather than just what each person will be wearing. While some couples stroll hand in hand down the red carpet with their “special one,” others feel uncomfortable around their feared ex-partners during the celebration. Furthermore, the recent high-profile nuptials served as venues for in-person meetings between the split pairs.

At the wedding of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal, Shah Rukh Khan, his wife Gauri Khan, and his reported ex-girlfriend Priyanka Chopra had one such unpleasant encounter. The connection between the Don couple on screen was unmatched, but after a few films, they stopped sharing the screen. In actuality, they weren’t even on speaking terms for a long time.

At Isha Ambani’s recent wedding, Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra Jonas showed up with their respective better halves, Gauri Khan and Nick Jonas. Deccan Chronicle reported that an actress witnessed them mingling and was just as shocked as we are. “I’ve never seen them speak to one another,” the report said. Nonetheless, I suppose Shah Rukh’s naturally gentlemanly disposition must have been inspired to come out of his heart by the lovely event and the fact that PeeCee is now Mrs. Jonas.

Even though the dialogue was brief, it was plenty for those watching to pay attention. Shah Rukh was introduced to Nick, Priyanka’s husband, by her. The source went on to tell Deccan Chronicle, “It was a very warm and impromptu gesture.” It does not, however, imply that Priyanka and Nick will receive an invitation to Mannat for dinner at any point soon.

Fans were taken aback by rumors that King Khan and Desi Girl were developing more than “just friendship.” While filming Don and Don 2, the couple got along incredibly well and several people even saw them spending time together alone. Additionally, at three in the morning, a sighting of the stars together attracted notice. They blinked back when asked about the same, claiming that it was only for the rehearsals.

It goes without saying that Gauri Khan, the wife of Shah Rukh, was not pleased with her husband’s behavior, and there are speculations that she gave King Khan specific instructions not to ever be seen in public with Priyanka. In an interview with the host of the global discussion program Dirty Laundry, PeeCee, in typical snarky fashion, divulged a good deal of information about the same. When questioned about the leather jacket she wore to the concert, she said, “Things get exchanged,” and disclosed that it belonged to an “ex-boyfriend.” But because it kind of became mine, I really, really adored this one. After it once stayed back at my house, it ceased to be him, and I just sort of wore it.”


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