Rakhi Sawant Levels SHOCKING Allegations Against Adil Khan

Rakhi Sawant is well-known for her conflicts, frequently making news with problems pertaining to her private life. Beginning a romantic relationship with Adil Khan Durrani in May 2022, Rakhi had a pretended divorce from her spouse Ritesh himself. After turning heads with their mushy dance in front of the photographers, the couple revealed that they had tied the knot in July 2022. Bigg Boss 17 But soon after, their relationship deteriorated, and following a nasty argument, they split up in January 2023. Rakhi made numerous accusations against him, including extramarital affairs, miscarriage, domestic abuse, and having unnatural sex. Adil now refuted what Rakhi had said and shared some startling experiences from their shared past.

Adil Khan Durrani claims Rakhi Sawant falsely accused him and intimidated him.
Bollywood Bubble spoke with Adil Khan Durrani, who disclosed the truth about his relationship with his ex-wife, Rakhi Sawant. He said Rakhi had planned the whole event because she thought Adil would find out and put her in jail. Adil said that when Rakhi contacted him at her house the next day, she had threatened him and had also begun acting out a play. Adil disclosed:

“Mere hu tu kaise deal karega in sab se, Rakhi me February me ne mere kapde phaik diye uske ghar ke bahar aur bolti hai maine tujhe ab kutta bana diya hai.” Debit cards, cash, diamond rings, passports, and valuable items are all present. Rakhi ke ghar tha. When I went to pick up my belongings after calling Rakhi in the morning, she collapsed onto my legs, sobbed, and apologized. Ritesh ke baare me bataoge tum kal ko jake media me mere, maine tumhare se shaadi kiya hai aur Ritesh ko divorce nahi diya hai. Jail hojayegi mujhe mujhe. The bell rang at the appointed hour, so she opened the door. She greeted everyone who arrived by saying, “Mujhe bachalo, ye mujhe maar raha hai.”

Adil said that Rakhi underwent uterine removal surgery rather than having a miscarriage.
Adil also verified that Rakhi was not pregnant and refuted her allegations that she had experienced a miscarriage. Adil instead spoke about Rakhi’s uterus removal surgery. Added Adil:

Seven and a half years later, Adil and I are still together, but we have lost our baby. Yet how is she able to conceive? I was sitting with her in the hospital when she was admitted because of age-related complications requiring the removal of her uterus. I was arrested by the cops at that very moment. She had filed an FIR overnight, from the moment I contacted her in the evening until I arrived at her apartment in the morning.

Regarding Rakhi’s alleged rape, Adil discloses that she gave an Irani female Rs. 3 lakhs beforehand.
For the uninitiated, Adil was able to get a contentious attorney following his detention by Oshiwara police on the basis of Rakhi’s accusation. He was then placed under judicial custody. Rakhi soon traveled to Mysore and set up his competitors in business against him. Adil disclosed:

Many times, a dispute can be resolved by litigation or by taking judicial custody of the matter. Toh mujhe ek step win mili thi judicial custody mili. Well, Rakhi ji ne kya kiya, she flew to Mysore and was married there. My dear Iranian son, Rakhi ne mere saare dushmanon ko ikhatta kiya. Maar chuka hoon Rakhi ko ki meri achi dost hai, main bohot baar milwa.

Adil further claims that Rakhi tempted one of his close friends. Adil recounted how Rakhi had once given an Irani girl, a close friend of his, a substantial sum of money—roughly Rs. 3 lakhs—in advance and requested her to report him for sexual assault. For the uninformed, a formal complaint (FIR) was filed under IPC section 376 against Adil at the VV Puram Police Station in Mysore, on the grounds of specific claims of rape. In response, Adil disclosed how Rakhi gave the woman money in order for her to make up a bogus allegation and shared:

“It was not my girlfriend at all; she was just a really dear buddy of mine from Iran. Saal 5 se main usko jaanta hai at pichle 5. MX Player I hope you have a happy Rakhi! She goes to the bank and asks for a loan of Rs. 3 lakh, which she hopes to get approved for. It is a case of Adil toh main tujhe Rs 50 lakh dilwaungi. She informed her that she was a supermodel in Bollywood. Ye sab phasaya jhase. I am avaricious and bhikaari hogayi. Our son, the commissioner of police, was passed over to the city of Mysore, and he also had to sign Article 376, which made rape illegal.

Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani’s dispute has taken a sharp turn as a result of both parties’ increasingly dramatic admissions and accusations. Adil addressed several of Rakhi’s accusations in a recent news appearance, shocking everyone by claiming that she intended to hurt him.

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