Rubina Dilaik who was the winner of BB 14, is Expecting her First child

One of the most beloved couples in the television industry, Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla, never hesitate to show off their mushy friendship and turn every corner of the town red. For those who don’t know, Rubina and Abhinav got married on June 21, 2018. Fans of the couple have been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the “good news” ever since. Bigg Boss 17 Despite Rubina and Abhinav staying silent, astute internet users saw the diva’s growing baby bulge in multiple images and videos. And the same thing transpired once more.

Vigilant internet users have once more detected Rubina Dilaik’s adorable baby bulge.
Rubina, who has been having a great time traveling to the US with her husband, posted a new vlog on YouTube to talk about the same. The actress looks stunning in the video, wearing an orange-colored ensemble. Rubina finished off her daytime look with her hair parted and her makeup minimal. The actress can be seen walking towards a store at the start of the video. Later in the video, Rubina is seen exiting the store, but not before turning around and saying hello to the employees. But once more, the perceptive internet users noticed the diva’s noticeable baby bump.

Admirers are bursting with happiness upon seeing Rubina’s adorable baby bulge.

Fans responded to the video by congratulating each other incessantly in the comment area. A commenter commented, “Her adorable baby bump,” while another said, “In a few months, a new chapter is set to begin… Many congratulations to you, Rubi Abhi.” One interpretation of the third message is “Happy ‘To-Be-Parents’ Day! 😊eager to watch your pregnancy vlogs.”

When Rubina Dilaik hinted that she was expecting.

Back on September 2, 2023, Rubina Dilaik posted a video on YouTube where she offered us a brief preview of her trip to the US by herself. Nonetheless, the actress’s growing baby bump was often visible in the video, which delighted and excited her fans.

When multiple sources stated Rubina Dilaik is more than four months pregnant.

The days of Rubina’s pregnancy rumors controlling every headline have long since passed. The actress is over four months pregnant and will give birth early in the new year, according to many insiders who spoke to the Hindustan Times despite all of the circulating speculations. According to the reports, Rubina and Abhinav left for the US in order to live a low-key life away from the spotlight for the time being. One insider claims that because of her health problems, Rubina even turned down a project.

When reports of Rubina Dilaik’s pregnancy began to surface in the media.

Back on August 27, 2023, Rubina posted a variety of photos from her low-key birthday celebration in the US on her Instagram account. The actress looked gorgeous in the pictures, dressed in a churidar and a pink kurta. But when internet users noticed Rubina’s growing baby bulge in one of the pictures, where the diva and her husband were asking Ganpati Bappa for blessing, it solidified the already-circulating rumors. When Rubina released a transition video that showed her in two gorgeous outfits, internet users saw her growing baby bump. This sparked rumors about Rubina being pregnant, for those who were unaware.



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