SRK, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone congratulates PM Narendra Modi for G20

As he rejoices over “Jawan” smashing its own box office records and earning the greatest amount of money ever for a Hindi film—Rs 90 crore— Bigg Boss 17 Shah Rukh Khan complimented Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the G20 Summit’s successful conclusion.

With the comment, “Productive discussions at the G20 Summit for a better planet,” the Prime Minister posted a video link about the formation of the Global Biofuels Alliance. Shah Rukh responded, saying, “Congratulations to Hon. PM @narendramodi ji for the success of India’s G20 Presidency and for fostering unity between nations for a better future for the people of the world.”

“It has instilled a sense of honor and pride in the hearts of every Indian,” he continued. We shall thrive in unity rather than isolation under your direction, sir. One Future, One Family, One Earth.

At the height of the turmoil surrounding the Sengol and the Opposition’s boycott of the inauguration, the post brought up memories of his congrats and video on the new Parliament building.

Prior to this, Anupam Kher, a well-known Bollywood actor, had praised the Prime Minister for “democratizing” the G20. In a caption on an Instagram photo, he expressed his opinions, writing, “Jaya Jaya Bharatam! That is the impression that is left on one upon seeing the intricate preparations put forth for the G20 Leadership Summit.

“High Tech, New Age, absolutely world-class but steeped in our civilizational values, culture, and rich heritage,” he said in the same upbeat tone. We want the rest of the world to see, accept, and interact with this Bharat. The nation’s capital has undergone a significant makeover.

Under PM Modi’s direction, India has “democratized” the G20, according to Kher, who wrote: “G20 has been democratized like never before.” Over 210 meetings in almost 60 cities throughout India. On Jan Bhagidhari, the PM has lived up to the rhetoric. With events held in every region of India over the past year, it has evolved into a Sabka G20. I have seen firsthand how transformational the influence has been.

What do Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Mammootty, and Shah Rukh Khan have in common besides movies? Before their final money-spinners, they had all experienced the highs and lows of the box office after reaching their illustrious 50-year mark. In their various fields, they also achieved great success, which completely altered the narrative and set an example.

In a previous interview, Shah Rukh Khan declared that he was the final “superstar” and that one would come after him. In reality, he had made it clear in one of his clever comments that he doesn’t view any of the newcomers as competitors. Today is SRK’s 57th birthday, and what a spectacular return he made earlier this year! With 57 crores, Pathaan became the highest-grossing opening in Hindi cinema history and the first 500 crore film in the business.

Prior to starring in Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan had a string of unsuccessful films, such as Zero, Jab Harry Met Sejal, and Fan. These were all attempts by the actor to venture outside of his comfort zone and try something different. He had been written off by the media and critics, who advised him to move on from “lead roles” and pursue supporting roles instead. Fans greeted SRK with open arms when he made his wildly successful comeback, all in keeping with his unique manner.

It’s expected that Jawaan, which is billed as being greater than Pathaan, would break records for Hindi film. In just three days, it has already made over 180 crores at the box office. Next is DUNKI, which is helmed by Raju Hirani, the HIT machine, and has very little chance of going wrong. It is essentially what SRK said when he said, “Abhi toh Picture Baaki Hain.”

Gadar 2 by Sunny Deol surprised not only the reviewers but also the actor himself.

The 2011 release of Yamla Pagla Deewana (Part 1) was a hit. Sunny didn’t have any noteworthy films or success at the box office after that. With Gadar 2, which is set to release in 2023, Sunny Deol, at the age of 65, has achieved one of Bollywood’s greatest successes twelve years after YPD1. Gadar’s character and emotion worked incredibly well, and the rest is history as they say.

Indra Thalaiva For many, Rajini Sir is well above the game of “hits and flops” and has long since gained demi-god status. Following the release of his projects, fans perform poojas and worship his cutouts. Rajini Sir embodies a feeling. Box office, however, tells a different tale.

Even Rajinikanth was going through a difficult time, with his major productions failing to generate the expected profits and causing distributors to incur significant losses. Actually, there are a tonne of reports claiming that Rajini paid his distributors. He lost money on his prior releases, Darbar, Petta, and Annathe. However, 2.0 was passable and Kaala was unsatisfactory.

Then, in 2023, Rajini Sir retaliated by using Jailer. His amazing sense of style, grace, and charisma have enabled him to perform like a pro at 72. MX Player After earning over 600 crores worldwide, the film showed moviegoers who the actual BOSS is!

Prior to this, Kamal Haasan had not experienced much success with his releases. Then, at the age of 67, Vikram occurred. The 2022 global super hit brought fresh life to one of the greatest actors in Indian movie history, grossing 400 crores globally. Currently one of the popular projects is his Indian 2.

Mammootty, the superstar of Malayalam film, is a world-famous figure. In 2022, he produced the blockbuster film Bheehma Parvam. The superstar, who is 71 years old, produced a film for Malayalam cinema, which has just a few films that have made over 75 crores overall. The film grossed between 90 and 100 crores.

For a while, Telugu celebrity NBK, also known as Balayya, was not putting out very good songs. He faced criticism for dating heroes who were a third of his age and for breaking age stereotypes. Unfazed, Balaayya continues to court younger actresses in films.

When AKHANDA was launched, Balayya, at 62 years old, sealed the critics’ tongues with a smash song. The audience loved the film as much as the critics did. With a global sales total of over 150 crores, it is evident that he is here to stay.

I’ll close on this theme with an unexpected Marathi cinema superhit. In the film BAIPAN BHAARI DEVA, six sisters reunite after a lengthy absence. The principal leads are Vandana Gupte, who has turned seventy, and Rohini Hattangadi, who is almost seventy.

The next Marathi film Sairat, a young romantic film, has competition from BAIPAN BHAARI DEVA, which is making waves in India and is expected to cross 70 crores when it opens in 2023.

This demonstrates that being older is simply a number and that you can always start over! Rajinikanth and Shah Rukh Khan are here to stay. The audience won’t soon let them leave!

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